Let’s understand Photography


Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of energy and such as light on a different surface.

Photography gives something to learn about many various aspects of spare time for many years. It must add up to thousands of hours of enjoyment.

Photography also gives a reason to travel and explore new places whether in the world or in the city. Most people get the pleasure of memorable experiences when they travel somewhere new or go on holiday because where they find the new zeal.

The photograph is evident in nearly every aspect of modern life. As a form of communication and documentation, photographs are present in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, posters, television, the Internet, passports, ID cards, archives, security and SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS, forensics and medicine. Photography also plays an important role in domestic and recreational activities. Most photographs that were produced today have taken the form of snapshots of documenting activities such as holidays and celebrations and many other occasions.

Photography styles

Aerial photography

In this, the images are captured from above is known as aerial photography. This has its importance in hot air balloon photography or the photos captured by the skydivers.

Architectural photography

Architectural photography

This type of photography is Structural or architectural and can be really visually appealing because it includes interiors and exteriors of the surroundings There are two main challenges that photographers deal with while photographing buildings is lighting and image distortion.

Candid photography

Candid photography

In this type, the photographs were taken randomly or taken by chance, in a split second, without the subject of the photograph even realizing it. The subjects in the photograph are usually unaware of the photographer, so they usually appear very relaxed and their facial expressions and body language are natural and random.

Fashion photography

Fashion photography

This photography is usually associated with high-end cameras and is typically used as a means to promote or sell something. The industry of fashion photography and modeling is a multi-million-dollar industry. This type of photography involves serious preparation before each and every shoot in this category everything should be planned and organized.

Food photography


There is a huge market for growth in this type of photography because every restaurant, websites, and bloggers use it to sell their products or services to a large number of consumers. Make sure to utilize natural light as much as possible. It will make your shots look better and it will attract the foodies a lot.

Landscape photography


It is one of the most well-known sorts of photography The perfect light helps a lot in landscape photography, especially the rising of the sun in the morning and the sunset in the evening. Many people click photos of the eclipse also. For sharp photographs with everything in focus, you must have a tripod for taking the shots.

Night/Long Exposure Photography

NightLong Exposure

This type of photography is performed at the night time and it requires lots of patience, skilfully using light, shutter speed, and aperture. This is a style that presents a great opportunity to experiment and have some fun with your camera especially clicking the photographs of the moon and other planets of the solar system by using the specific lens.

Conceptual/fine art photography

fine art

This genre is all about the photographer’s vision and their skill as a storyteller or strength in communicating a message or theme to its audience. This photography allows us to create our own fiction and the imagination with characters in a constructed environment.



This is one of the toughest styles in these photographers, captures the peoples’ moods and expressions is an intriguing subject. This style includes close-up shots or full body portraits. Often, the face is the focus of this type of photography. Therefore, it is essential that the subject’s face is sharp and focused, especially his/ her eyes.

Wildlife photography


It is one of the most challenging photography, due to the fact that it can be difficult to capture animals in their natural habitat. You need to be comfortable with your camera’s manual settings to get the best quality shots in wildlife photography as well as you must have the required lens so that you can capture it easily.

How important is Photo Editing?

Editing makes the most ordinary pictures look extraordinary. If you have the pictures of the vacation, family photos, party, or any special occasion pictures that make special memories, then picture editing can make them even more memorable and full of joy and you can live all those memories with great zeal.

Picture editing is not just an enhancement of pictures. Picture rebuilding of old photos is additionally part of this specific range of abilities. There are many specific imaging preferences that differ across cultures that have to be kept in mind when doing professional photo editing or restoration.

 Some of the photo editing aspects invloves-

  • Removal of unwanted background materials.
  • Enhancing colors.
  • Changing colors.
  • Retouching.
  • Cropping
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast.
  • Adding or removing a background detail.
  • Photo cleaning.
  • Correcting colors.
  • Sharpening photos.
  • Adjusting contrast level, curves, noise, grains, artifacts, colors
  • Changing over high contrast photographs to shading photos.



It happens that you are clicking an image and someone or something comes in the background or nearby so, in order to make that picture or subject proper, you crop the image. Cropping is not just cutting of unrequired pictures, it enhances the subject in the picture.


Is is an amazing feature that you can utilize when someone is in your background and you cannot crop the image in this case this feature comes handy and help you to remove the person or thing in the background by modifying it without disturbing the subject. Modification is done usually in brand promotion photography.


When your picture is not looking well then you can try this tool which enables you to adjust the sharpness or brightness which may improve the image as per the level you have selected.

Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is very important for branding and promotion in e-commerce products. To make an image more pretty you can apply this shadow creation technique in the whole picture. When you try to give your product a unique look several shadow services can be applied to bring a 3D appearance to the product or subject in Photoshop.

Best Android Photo Editor Apps In 2020

As we all know how editing plays an enormous role in photography. For editing pictures, you must have some software or the application by which you can edit the photos as per your requirements. So here are few editing applications that were used widely on the global level because of their effectiveness and the editing features as well.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

While there aren’t a huge number of changes from last year’s version, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 is our pick for best photo editing software overall for its ease of use, fun creativity, an underlying power. While there’s not much new from last year’s version, Adobe’s excellent interface and robust toolset— as well as the fact that Photoshop Elements works on both Macs and PCs—make it the best photo editing software around.

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro (and the upgrade, Paint Shop Pro Ultimate) are also usually much less expensive than Photoshop Elements, making it a bargain. The biggest knock against Corel vs. Photoshop is that while Photoshop Elements is available for both Mac OS and Windows PCs, Paint Shop Pro is a Windows-only program.

Adobe Light room

Photographers who need to rapidly and effectively finish up groups of photographs will locate no preferred item over Adobe Lightroom. Available not just for Windows and Macs, but also Android and iOS devices, this cloud-based program allows you to access and edit your photos anywhere, on virtually any device.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo offers useful assets, goal autonomous altering, RAW preparing inside the interface and the majority of different highlights that proficient picture taker


Logically the best photo editing app ever in android. It’s completely free, with no ads and it won’t reduce your image resolution. Also, there are many rare features that are not in other apps.

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