Top 5 Most Haunted Forts In India!

haunted forts In India

India has seen many dynasties rule over it and there are many haunted forts in India and military structures left behind from these dynasties that are proof of their past splendor.

A haunted tale often intrigues most folks. The element of something spooky that we may or might not see but can feel its presence may be a thought that’s both thrilling also as scary. But things take a special turn when the story gets too real.

Haunted tales are fun to listen to and great to observe but what if the story is true and something is lurking around and making its presence felt to us in mysterious ways? While some have a look for an experience with the supernatural, others are available in contact with them without their will that shake them to the core.

The haunted fort has always been a logo of might. However, not all haunted fort weave stories of heroism and stoicism. Many of that haunted fort has a spooky past that tells gruesome or eerie tales. We’ve picked out the foremost haunted fort in India for those seeking out the supernatural.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan one of the Most haunted forts In India

Located in Rajasthan, it’s touted to be the foremost haunted place in India. It has been related to several cases of mysterious disappearances of individuals who visited the fort.

Bhangarh fort tops the charts in our list of the haunted fort in India. The fort was built for Princess Ratnavati of Alwar. Legend has it that a Tantrik worshipper by the name of Singhania fell head over heels in love with the princess and tried to use the dark arts to charm her.

In his last breath, he cursed the princess and therefore the entire court. The haunting of this haunted fort is documented. The Archaeological Society of India has found out warnings that nobody is permitted on the premises after sunset.

According to the primary story, the rationale for the destruction and desolation of Bhangarh haunted fort is thanks to the curse of an ascetic. it’s believed that one Baba Balanath lived near the haunted fort and he had one condition which was that no building should be above his house and cast a shadow thereon.

If this is able to happen, he proclaimed, there would be destruction. The local king ignored the ascetic s rants and surely, the curse came true and led to this state of Bhangarh Fort.

Malcha Fort, Delhi

Delhi is home to a variety of haunted places just like the Sanjay Van, the Cantonment Area, the Agresen ki Baoli and Feroz Shah Kotla among others.

Did you recognize that Malcha Mahal may be a restricted area and a person who is seen here are often shot dead? the rationale for this is often not a ghost but the people that still sleep in this house. it’s going to be called Malcha Mahal but it’s in tatters and nobody in their right mind would stay here. But the 2 people that do never leave it and therefore the reason is simple as sad.

Malcha Mahal was given by the Govt to Princess Wilayat Mahal, a descendant of the royalty of Awadh. But before she occupied it, it had been a lodge built by Feroz Shah Talaq. Princess Wilayat s property was seized by the British and she or he was homeless with two of her kids.

malcha mahal haunted story

She fought with the Indian Government to urge her land back but nothing happened. In her protest, she landed together with her kids at a railroad station in Delhi and occupied the VIP lounge there. They lived there for nine years before the Govt decided to sanction her Malcha Mahal.

The princess alongside her kids landed at Malcha Mahal only to seek out how sorry the state of the place was. Infested with insects, dilapidated and rundown, it had been completely unfit for any human.

One fine day, the princess was so depressed, she committed suicide by eating crushed diamond, leaving her two kids, dogs and a few of her gold. The young children clung to her body and slept with it for days before it had been discovered. it had been then cremated near the house itself. the youngsters grew up within the same house with none help from anyone and haven’t left it since then.

They still live there without interacting with the other living soul. The dogs protect the house from any intruders or thieves who have within the past tried to loot the place.

The eerie story of how these two humans have survived here for therefore long during a place that doesn’t have any electricity, water system and is surrounded by trees during a forest is chilling. They wear only black robes and therefore the brother sometimes goes out on his bicycle to shop for food and supplies. They ask nobody and there’s a board outside Malcha Mahal that clearly states that trespassers are going to be shot down. Being a restricted area, nobody goes here

Shaniwarwada Fort, Mumbai

Pune is one city in India that has many youngsters because of the various colleges and IT firms. it’s also a trekker s paradise and features a pleasant climate all year round. With numerous things neutralize and around Pune, it makes for an apt weekend getaway from Mumbai. But did you recognize Pune has its share of spooky places too? one among them is Shaniwar Wada.

shaniwarvada fort haunted story

Now albeit you are not a history buff, you’ll commit it to memory from the movie Bajirao Mastani. The film was supported Peshwa Bajirao s life and Shaniwar Wada was mentioned in it if not shown. The abode of the Peshwas, Shaniwar Wada is as famous for its historic significance because it is for its haunted tale.

Shaniwarwada has always been home to the Maratha Peshwas and their followers. The haunted fort was inbuilt 1732 in honour of Peshwa Bajirao has come to represent a gruesome betrayal.

The story involves Peshwa Narayanrao who was all of 18 years when he came into power. Among those that were jealous of Narayanrao was his aunt Anandibai, wife of the regent Raghunathrao, who wanted to be queen but she couldn’t as long as he was alive.

So, she successfully brainwashed Raghunathrao into issuing a bench warrant against the young Peshwa. In what’s a well-documented tale in Maharashtra s popular culture, she obliterates the warrant during a way that it read like an executive order.

Armed with the document, the guards attacked the young prince who fled his chambers and ran towards his uncle begging his life to be spared.

It’s believed that the spirit of young Narayanrao still haunts the fort and his cries are often heard on a full-of-the-moon night. His last words, ‘Kaka mala vachva’ or ‘Uncle, save me’ are sometimes heard within the middle of the night by people that work there.

Nahargarh Fort, Rajasthan

Nahargarh Fort stands at the foothills of the Aravali range that overlooks the town of Jaipur. The Maharaja Sawai Raja Man Singh wanted nobody to get eyes on his queens and hence ordered the walls of the fort to be built extremely high.

Nahargarh Fort dates back to 1734 and is usually also mentioned as Tiger Fort. it had been built by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh, who was the then king of Jaipur. Its purpose was mostly to supply fortification and a protective barrier for Jaipur, though the haunted fort was never actually utilized in any battles.

What the haunted fort is most recognizable for is that the residences that the king had made for every one of his 12 wives. Within the fort are 12 identical, intricately constructed and decorated suites, one for every queen.

Even the grandeur of the palace cannot exclude the eerie atmosphere that the haunted fort casts. it’s said that even after his death, the king would come to the fort and it’s his spirit that haunts its corridors. At a time when the haunted fort was undergoing a renovation, an individual was found dead inside under mysterious circumstances.

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

Golconda Fort was ruled by the Kakatiyas Dynasty.

It is said that the King’s paramour haunts the fort. Her spirit has been seen dancing on what once wont to be her stage. There also are reports of other paranormal activities – shooting crews have heard strange voices and lighting going haywire while at this fort.

The most popular rumour revolving around the haunted fort is that of the ghost of Taramati. Many claims that they need to be spotted Taramati dancing at the Baradari, the dance stage at the royal courtroom.

Some visitors, just like the ones mentioned at the start, claim to possess seen ownerless shadows gliding around.

Similar experiences are reported by many film crews also, who happened to remain past late hours. Many newspapers have also reported an equivalent, but the credibility of these reports still remain doubtful.

Many people believe that these are all pure publicity stunts to draw in more visitors to the haunted fort. Could it be the particular truth behind the so-called ghosts? Only Taramati knows!

But, aside from the rumors and tell-tales, the Golconda haunted fort may be a symbol of grandeur. A visit to the present place will instantly take you back in time, and leave you wondering ‘how breathtaking the place would are during its heydays!’ It’s one of the foremost amazing places in India everyone must visit.

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